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Xiant Filer™
Your inbox never looked so good!

Email is a crucial productivity tool. As our dependency on email grows and its volume increases, our mailboxes become increasingly difficult to manage. Quickly finding messages in a bloated inbox – from various senders and in multiple conversation threads – can prove difficult, if not impossible. And while there are many solutions out there to help manage and organize email, each one typically requires an investment in time and effort that could be better spent on more important tasks.

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook® as your email application, the Xiant Filer add-in can instantly help you more efficiently manage your email.

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Xiant Workspace
Save time, stay on task.

Are you a Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft® Office user? When you sit down to work, do you often find yourself wasting time opening the same windows and documents over and over again? Do you work on many projects simultaneously and often need to transition quickly from one project to the next?

If so, Xiant Workspace is for you. Xiant Workspace allows Windows users to get things done more efficiently. Use Xiant Workspace to save a snapshot of the opened windows you are working on – Web pages, Microsoft Office documents, and Outlook email. Later, restore the workspace to re-open your windows and pick up right where you left off.

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