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Who We Are
Xiant (pronounced ZI-ant) was founded by technology innovator/Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen and engineers at Xiant, whose initial challenge was easing management of overflowing Microsoft Office Outlook inboxes. Our inaugural product, Xiant Filer, meets that challenge by seamlessly integrating with Outlook and recommending filing options based on your filing habits. It further simplifies mailbox management by enabling filing across multiple emails through its file by sender, file by thread, and file by topic features. Our newest offering, a productivity enhancement utility for Windows called Xiant Workspace, is currently available as a free beta release. Xiant Workspace allows users to capture their work environment by saving a snapshot of open windows of commonly used applications. The environment can then later be restored on their computer with a single click. We're continuing to innovate on other great tools so come back often to see what's next.

Our Mission
Xiant's mission is to create easy-to-use tools that streamline your existing workflow, saving you time when using everyday programs like email. We're a small, agile technology organization whose focus is customer satisfaction. We value the input from our users, and because we're agile, we can rapidly turn feedback into features. So let us know your thoughts directly or through our forum.

Contact Us
We're located in the Seattle area at:
505 Fifth Avenue South
Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104

If you'd like to reach our sales department, please contact Xiant Sales.

For press, please contact Xiant Press. You can also visit our press page to read the lastest Xiant news.

Or, for general information and comments please contact Xiant Info.


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