Xiant Filer™
Your inbox never looked so good!

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook, Xiant Filer can help you more efficiently manage your email. Filer is a simple yet extremely powerful add-in that integrates seamlessly into Outlook and enhances its underlying email filing capabilities. Use Filer to quickly and easily organize your Outlook inbox.

Watch a demo to learn how Filer can help you handle email overload.
Key Features
  • + File to a recommended folder with one click
    Filer includes a powerful algorithm that recommends folders where you are likely to file a selected email. Filer's folder recommendation algorithm learns your filing habits, so its recommendations become more accurate over time. In addition to improved filing consistency, folder recommendations also allow you to quickly file most email with a single click.
  • + Quickly file by thread or sender
    Filing related email—by conversation thread or by sender—typically requires the time-consuming and repetitive process of first sorting the message list and then selecting multiple messages. Filer allows you to quickly file email by thread or by sender from a single selection, often with a single click. Filer finds all related email and files each message for you, saving time and reducing filing errors. You can also have Filer automatically file all email from a sender, saving you additional time and steps.
  • + Snooze email to stay focused on active items
    Use Filer's snooze feature to temporarily remove lower priority email from your inbox for a chosen duration. After the snooze period, Filer returns the snoozed mail to your inbox in an unread state
  • + Easy setup and customization
    Filer starts working the very next time you start Outlook. You don't need to configure or train Filer, and filer doesn't require that you create any complicated Outlook rules that then need to be maintained. Using Filer involves little more than clicking buttons or selecting menu commands. You can also customize the Filer toolbar to better match your filing style.
  • + Office 2010 Ribbon support
    For Microsoft Office 2010 users, the Filer user interface is fully integrated with the Ribbon interface in Outlook 2010.
  • + Track important issues with Topics
    Filer's Topics feature allows you to group and track email from conversation threads of interest. Use Topics to stay current on important issues running through your inbox.
  • + Quickly jump to Outlook folders
    For users with deep folder hierarchies, avoid wasting time browsing the folder tree in Outlook's Navigation pane. Instead, use Filer's open folder feature to quickly search the Outlook folder list by name to open the folder in the Navigation pane.

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"I bought Xiant [Filer]. I LOVE it. I tell everyone about it and most people think I am crazy when I get overly excited explaining your product."
- T. Smith, Corporate Specialist, GEC Group, LLC

"I love this product. Installed it this morning and cannot imagine corporate life without it. You guys did an amazing job."
- V. Tang, Hale Capital Partners

"Just installed Filer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I just couldn't bear to go through my inbox every day. It's a lot easier now."
- M. Tuab


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