Xiant Workspace
Save time, stay on task.

Xiant Workspace is a productivity enhancement application for Microsoft Windows. With Xiant Workspace, you can capture your current work environment by saving a snapshot of open windows of commonly used applications such as Microsoft Office and popular Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Saved workspaces can later be restored, which returns captured windows to the screen as they originally appeared.

Workspace Screenshot

Use Xiant Workspace to quickly save and restore a collection of opened windows that you anticipate having to re-open. You might save a workspace for each project you work on, for example, and then restore that workspace whenever you need to work on that project. You can also update a saved workspace to include additional related windows.

Xiant Workspace can help you save time and increase efficiency in a variety of areas:
  • Research: Save a workspace with a collection of opened Web pages relating to a subject of interest so that you can quickly return to it later. As you find additional Web pages or documents that relate to the topic, add them to your existing workspace.
  • Multitasking: Xiant Workspace can help you more efficiently transition from one project to another. For each project, save a workspace that contains relevant documents, Web pages, and email. Thereafter, whenever you want to work on that project, restore the workspace and continue right where you left off.
  • Taking a break from Outlook: You might want to close Outlook to take a break from email distraction while you focus on an important task. Save a workspace of your opened email – including opened unsent draft messages, provided they have already been saved – before you close Outlook. Then when you are ready to continue monitoring email, restore the workspace to open Outlook and all of your email with a single click.
  • Mitigating interruptions: If you need to stop working – to restart your computer, perhaps, or shut down your laptop to take it home – save a workspace of your open documents so that later you can quickly pick up where you left off.

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